I’m Pecue

I’m a fan of creativity. I believe in people expressing themselves and telling their stories in the context of culture. Every time we share ideas, contribute perspective, or ship our art into the world, we give to a creative progressive culture.  As the Mighty Mos Def said, “Build the house of tomorrow with bricks of today.”

I’m a designer and artist living and working in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

I focus on culturally relevant and sustainable design, art and illustration as well as branding work through my company, Sole Imperial.


My story as a designer starts when I was 12, growing up in West Philadelphia.

Obsessed with rap music, my friend Mario and I spent hours drawing the logos of my favorite rap groups on our Five Star notebooks.

This progressed to interest in graffiti and an appreciation for streetwear design and DIY culture. I’m drawn to the intersections of culture, art/design, and business, and enjoy the exploration of how these relate to and influence each other.

After years of designing as a hobby and a stint in corporate America, I’m looking to make design, branding, and illustration a full time endeavor.


This site is a display of my work in design, branding, and illustration. My Blog section is a reflection of my personal interested relating to style. I’ll be highlighting my interests in creativity, Showing my process for creating and documenting my acquisition of skills.

My design is heavily influenced by my daily surroundings, as well as the visual elements of hip hop, skate, and surf cultures. Aside from design and art, I enjoy surfing and creating music.